Travel Authorization

Policy and Procedure Manual Section 6-4 To travel on University business, a Request for Travel Authorization must be completed and the approval signatures obtained. The completed form should be sent to the Purchasing Department and the ‘Gold’ copy retained for the department record. Prepayment expenses should also be listed on the request form where indicated. To reserve a university vehicle for travel purposes, a photocopy of the Request for Travel Authorization must be sent to the vehicle fleet secretary. Before a university vehicle may be used, the employee must complete the driver’s training video course. This training video is available in the Library. The completed course test is submitted to the vehicle fleet Secretary. If a travel agency is used and expenses are being invoiced, the travel authorization number (found at the top of the Request for Travel Authorization form) must be indicated on the invoice statement. Contact the Purchasing Department for vehicle mileage expense and meal allowance. Once the trip is completed, a Travel Claim form must be submitted to the Purchasing Department. All receipts for expenses must be attached to this form. If the travel expenses exceed the estimated travel costs submitted on the Request for Travel Authorization form by 10% or more, the budget administrator must sign the Travel Claim form. If a refund is due to the traveler, a check will be available at the Cashier Office within a week. If a reimbursement is owed to the University, a Travel Cash Receipt will be issued to the traveler and repayment may be made at the Cashier Office within five working days. Purchasing Department: Jackie Freeman, Director of Purchasing Ext. 7612 Tamara Gentry, Purchasing Specialist Ext. 7613 Vehicle Fleet Department: Felica Griswold, Secretary Ext. 7566 Cashier Office: Christy Jensen Ext. 7605