Scheduling of Campus Facilities/Catering

Policy and Procedure Manual Section 6-17 and 6-75 Scheduling of most campus facilities is accomplished by contacting the Campus Centralized Scheduler and completing a Facility Scheduling Request form. Facilities that are not available for non-campus scheduling are as follows:
  • Dixie Business Alliance Conference Room
  • Dixie Business Alliance Training Room
  • Burns Arena
  • Eccles Fine Arts Center
  • Fitness Center
  • Udvar-Hazy Open Computer Lab
Facilities scheduled through someone other than the Campus Scheduler are as follows:
Facility Scheduler
Hurst Baseball Field Athletic Dept. - Ext. 7525
Old Gymnasium Athletic Dept. - Ext. 7525
Hansen Football Stadium Athletic Dept. – Ext. 7525
Softball Fields 1 & 2 Athletic Dept. – Ext. 7525
Burns Arena Athletic Dept. – Ext. 7525
Science Bldg. Labs Science Dept. Secretary - Ext. 7760
Science Bldg. Conference Room Science Dept. Secretary - Ext. 7760
EDNET Dir. Broadcast Stan Everett - Ext. 7635
Udvar-Hazy Conference Room Dean Amin Asst - Ext. 7625
Library Conference Room Library Secretary - Ext. 7710
So. Admin. Board Room Assist. to President - Ext. 7502
Auxiliary Facilities Scheduler
Elderhostel Elderhostel Director
Tanner Amphitheater Cult. Affairs Coord., Gail Bunker
Gardner Student Center Info. Center - Ext. 7676
Avenna Center, Cox Auditorium Cultural Affairs Office
Campus Centralized Scheduler: Emily Clark 879-4350 Scheduling of the Gardner Center and Catering: The Gardner Center Conference Rooms and Ballroom rate scheduled is Dixie State University homepage or by contacting the Director of Food Services. Gardner Center Information: Martin Peterson, Director of Food Services Ext. 7676 Information Desk Ext. 7685