Policy and Procedure Manual Section 4-9 All non-faculty employees shall serve a probationary period of one year, starting the first day of employment, during which time their work performance and general suitability for their position will be evaluated.
  • It is essential that clear expectations and standards are set for new employees, upon which they are evaluated and feed-back regarding their performance is provided. Continuous and early evaluation is important.
  • A six month and an annual performance appraisal will be completed by the supervisor, with related interviews.
  • A probationary employee unable or unwilling to meet the job and attitude requirements may be terminated at any time during the probationary period, with or without cause, upon recommendation of the supervisor and following consultation with the Human Resource Director. (See Termination Policy, 4-27.2.1)
  • An employee who receives a new position at the University, or a person who was rehired after a break in service, will also serve a one year probationary period.
  • The probationary period may be extended up to six months longer in those cases that indicate that additional training and experience may enable the employee to be successful.
  • An employee who is released during the probationary period does not have the right to appeal or grieve the termination, the effective date, or the reason for the action.
Faculty are on probationary status until they receive tenure. (See the Faculty Tenure and Evaluation Policies)