Orientation of New Employees

New Employee Orientation by Supervisors Beginning a new job can be a very stressful time. A well thought out orientation can help to relieve some of the stress new employees may feel and assist greatly in their success. Let us not require our new employees to guess what to do and how to do it. Following are a list of suggestions you should consider when orienting a new employee. Please use it as a checklist and add your own department specific items. Quality of orientations will become an evaluation factor for supervisors. ___ Before someone new comes into your department, it is your responsibility as supervisor to consider the position s/he is filling and plan an appropriate orientation and training. *It is better not to try to teach someone everything in the first day or two. *Make your plan a progressive learning experience. *Anticipate questions and be prepared with the answers. *DON'T TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED! ___ Begin orientation with the basics. *Where is the bathroom? *Work hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and are to be strictly maintained. *When, how much, and how do they get paid? *When is lunch? For how long? Where on campus can one get something to eat? *How does vacation and sick leave work? *Where do we park? Tell about parking stickers. *Obtain appropriate keys. *Some general information about the school is given at the Human Resource Office's orientation, but give University information that you think is helpful. ___ Demonstrate how office equipment works (computers, phone and copy machine). ___ Assist in setting up e-mail and the phone service. ___ Take a tour of the campus and make introductions to people with whom you work. ___ Explain the vision, mission, goals and philosophy of your department. *Who do you serve and how do you serve them? *Explain how your department fits into the larger campus organization. ___ Explain your expectations, management and communication styles. ___ Present in writing the key responsibilities of the position. *The official position job description should be used and revised if necessary. *Clarify each task, with suggestions of how to accomplish it. *Set performance standards. *Explain the evaluation process and probation. ___ Present copies of pertinent policies or procedures and/or explain how to find them. ___ SET SHORT TERM GOALS AND OBJECTIVES TOGETHER, with dates to be met. ___ Identify someone to act as a mentor, maybe arrange for them to have lunch together.