New Full Time Employee FAQ

Q: What is “MyDixie ID”, how do I get one, and why do I need it?
A: The DixieId is also referred to as your Employee ID number, Banner number, Student number, DSU ID and/or User ID, is an 8 digit number, it can be found on your Campus ID card or logging on to MyDixie.

Q: Can I look up my Dixie ID number if I don’t know it or forgot it?
A: Yes, you may search this by logging into your MyDixie account.
Business Services

Q: When do I get paid?
A: Visit our Payroll website. Information regarding the Payroll Calendar/Direct Deposit/old pay stubs/W-2 information can be found.

Q: What is Empower and why do I need to know about it?
A: The Empower system is used to request days off, report leave, and clocking in/out.
Link to log into Empower at

Q: What is “Self Service” (or MyDixie) and how does it work? Is this where I can get detailed copies of my paystubs?
A: Employee Self-Service is a web based resource where employees can view their payroll and leave information. Employees also have the ability to update or change personal information such phone number, contact information, and local home address. To log on to the Self-Service website, users must have a Dixie ID and password.

Q: Is there a cell phone reimbursement, or stipend?
A: Yes, there is. Some DSU employees are eligible to receive a cell phone allowance (or stipend) to help cover the cost of a personal cell phone. To apply for quarterly cell phone stipend payments, please fill out the Cellular Phone Service Stipend Request and Approval Form, have your supervisor and the budget administrator paying for your stipend approve it, and return it to Purchasing as soon as possible.

Q: What is a DixieOne Card?
A: You will receive in the mail a DixieOne Card. This is also a student ID card, but all employees receive one as well. It can be used if you do not receive an electronic ID card from your department to prove your employment here at Dixie to receive discounts etc. You do not have to do anything with this if you choose not to. If you would like to set it up, you should already be flagged as a “quick enroll” and can just follow the directions included in the card. If you have further questions, please contact the DSU Business Services.
IT Department

For assistance for Canvas, Dmail, Student Services, wireless configuration, laptop assistance, and any other technical troubleshooting you may contact the IT Help Desk.

Q: How do I log on to the campus wireless?
A: Visit our IT Department website to learn how to connect to the DSU Wireless system.

Q: How do I get a email?
A: When HR sets up your position in Banner, your supervisor will receive an email containing your temporary password. Your Dixie email traditionally is your firstname (or preferredname) This email is not active until your position is setup.

Q: If I never got my temporary password or I forget my password; how do I reset it?
A: You may change your password at
Facilities Management

Q: Campus Vehicle Fleet-Do I need to do this now?
A: Any faculty, staff, hourly employee, student or volunteer may not operate a vehicle, for University business if they have not completed the State of Utah Driver Training and Certification. This includes all DSU vehicles, fleet vehicles, rental vehicles or your personal vehicle being operated for DSU business. Certification for the State Fleet System needs to be completed at least three days prior to your date of travel. Certifications are valid for two years at which time you will need to take a renewal test. Additional can be found at DSU Vehicles.