Mini Purchase Order

Policy and Procedure Manual Section 6-8 A mini purchase order may be used for a one time purchase of goods or services which do not exceed $300.00. A mini purchase order should not be used for the following:
  • Purchases requiring a check
  • Foreign purchases
  • Travel expenses
  • Blanket or open orders
  • Purchases from on-campus departments
  • Reimbursements
This form should be completely filled out and the budget administrator should sign where the department signature is indicated. Once this form is completed, the white copy (original) is given to the vendor, the yellow copy is immediately sent to the Purchasing Department, and the pink copy is for the budget department’s records. Failure to follow the guidelines for the use of mini purchase orders will result in use restrictions or in personal responsibility for unauthorized purchases. Purchasing Department: Jackie Freeman, Director of Purchasing Ext. 7612 Tamara Gentry, Purchasing Specialist Ext. 7613