Job Description – Creating

Policy and Procedure Manual Section 4-4 Creating a job description:
  1. Before beginning to write a job description determine the purpose of the position and the major outcomes that are desired with successful fulfillment of the job. Think of how the position fits into the larger picture of the goals of the University.
  2. Describe the position first in terms of its major responsibilities, not incremental tasks. Tasks can be added for clarification. Eg. Responsible for receptionist duties such as answering the phones, greeting and assisting in-person customers, and sorting the mail. Each position generally has up to ten major responsibilities.
  3. Expected outcomes and standards should be set forth while delineating the responsibilities. Consider the performance appraisal form and how an employee will be evaluated. A fair evaluation entails proper notification of expectations.Eg. For receptionist duties: expect customers are treated courteously, efficiently and effectively, leaving their contact with the office satisfied that they have been served well.
  4. Use the Job Description Form (HR1) to outline position responsibilities and skills required to successfully accomplish the job. The position is also defined by the grading job factors such as education and years of experience or technical experience required .
  5. If you are creating a new job position, the description and grade must be first presented to the appropriate vice president or dean for approval and then is submitted to the Human Resources Department for assistance in University standardization and grade determination. The position and grade are presented to the University Council and President for approval.