Job Description – Changing

Policy and Procedure Manual Section 4-4 Changing a job description:
  1. Rewriting of a job description by a position's supervisor must be approved by the appropriate vice president and the President has final approval.
    • Revision of a job description is typically done when an existing position comes open for rehire, but should also be done when workload changes.
  2. An Employee appealing his/her job classification must first complete a Classification Appeal form (HR3), obtained from the Human Resources Office.
    • Employee initiated appeals should be submitted prior to the annual budget reallocation process.
    • The appeal must be signed by the employee and his/her supervisor. It is not necessary for the supervisor to agree with the appeal for it to go forward.
    • The appeal is first reviewed by the Staff Salary/Appeals Committee.
    • The Committee makes a recommendation to the President for final approval.
    • The appeal's recommended changes, if approved, will go into effect the following July 1, the beginning of the next budget year.
    • Salary adjustments will be made accordingly.