Hiring Procedures

Policy and Procedure Manual Section 4-5 The hiring procedures are detailed in the Hiring Procedures Manual. For more information on procedures, refer to the manual or contact the Human Resources Office. FOLLOWING ARE THE STEPS NECESSARY IN HIRING: Prerequisites: 1. Create a concise job description, using the Job Description form (HR-H1) and the Dixie State University Job Factors. (Take care, because you are legally bound by it.) 2. Determine salary and funding source. 3. Prepare justification and have the position opening approved. Hourly (less than .75 FTE) need only supervisor's and department head's approval. Contract (.75 FTE or more) need approval by the President and the University Council. Recruitment: 4. Submit the completed Job Description form (HR-H1) for preparation of advertisement of the position by the Human Resource Office. The advertisement greatly effects the criteria by which a committee evaluates the applicants. 5. Advertising: Positions will be advertised over at least 10 days through the Spectrum, Job Service and on the University's homepage. If the position is Exempt/Professional or Faculty status, opening announcements are also sent to the Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune, university and university placement centers throughout the Western U.S., and on the University homepage. Requests to advertise through special publications such as the Chronicle of Higher Education or trade magazines may be made. (These are usually quite costly.) 6. Purchase Order forms must be completed to pay for the advertisement and the PO number received by the HR Office before advertising can begin. Selection committee: 7. Committee Selection: The Supervisor of the open position will select a chairperson (can be self) and a committee for screening and interviewing applicants. 8. After the announcement closing date, the Committee Chair will receive a copy of each of the following: submitted applications, resumes, reference letters, a Screening Committee Review form (HR-H4), a Committee Membership Responsibilities form (HR-H3), an Applicant Ranking Score form (HR-H5). Copying the necessary number of forms for the committee members is the responsibility of the chair. 9. Each member of the committee must sign the Committee Membership Responsibilities form (HR-H3). This is to be returned to the HR Office. Maintaining confidentiality is critical. 10. A selection schedule will be set by the chairperson of the hiring committee for the reviewing of applications and resumes and the interviews. Screening: 11. Initial Screen: Screening Committee Review forms (HR-H4) will be used by committee members to rate the applicants. The form will list the qualifications set forth in the advertisement of the position. The applicants must be judged according to these criteria. 12. The Chair will total the individual scores on the Applicant Ranking Score form (HR-H5). Adding the required points for veteran and minority status. (See the Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunities and the Veterans Preference policies) 13. From the total individual scores the applicants will be ranked. At the discretion of the Chairperson, a cutoff score will be chosen and all applicants who score or rank higher must be interviewed. Interviews: 14. Interview dates will be set. The HR Office will take responsibility for arranging the interviews within the time frame set by the committee. On occasion a telephone interview may be necessary. 15. For professisonal positions, candidates traveling more than 100 miles, a $25 per diem for two days and one night's motel accommodation will be provided by the position's department. The hotel arrangements will be made by the HR office, but the PO for hotels and per diem checks are the responsibility of the position's department. 16. Interview questions will be determined by the committee and submitted to the HR Office for approval and to have an Interview Scoring form created (HR-He). 17. Final candidates will be interviewed and rated according to the Interview Scoring form (HR-He). 18. Each committee member will rank the candidates according the scores s/he gave. The chair will tally the rank scores on the Interview Ranking Score form (HR-H7). Reference Check: 19. References will be checked by the HR office before final candidates are recommended, using the Preemployment Reference Check form (HR-H8). Final Selection: 20. After interviewing and reference checks are completed the names of the top 3 candidates will be forwarded to the President for interview and final selection. 21. The HR Office will make the job offer to the applicant chosen for the position and after s/he has accepted, those who were interviewed will be notified by phone and letters will be sent to all applicants not interviewed. 22. New personnel are required to report to the HR Office prior to, or on the first day of work to fill out appropriate paperwork and receive orientation. Note: Exceptions to this process, such as hiring internally, must be approved by the President.