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Hiring Procedures - Faculty Search

Preparing for the Search

  1. Academic Deans initiate the faculty hiring process by submitting a hiring request and job description or job announcement to the Academic Vice President/Provost, with a copy to Human Resources.
  2. Human Resources (HR) provides market salary data and works with Deans, Academic Vice President/Provost, and Budget Office to secure funding. Appropriate approvals by campus administration are required for all positions. The faculty hiring cycle is considered as part of the approval process to enable a successful search.
  3. A Search Committee is formed with a chair as assigned by the Dean. Faculty Search Committees are organized as follows:
    • The Department Chair, Program Chair, or tenured/tenure-track faculty designee will chair the search committee, serve as a voting member of the committee, and will be responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable employment laws and policies, including equal opportunity, affirmative action, etc.
    • At least two (2) additional full-time faculty members of the department will serve on the search committee, selected with the approval of the Department Chair and Dean.
    • At least two (2) additional full-time faculty members from outside the department will serve on the search committee, selected with the approval of the Department Chair and Dean.
    • When appropriate, non-faculty and/or non-University employees may be invited to participate in the search process and serve as ex-officio members of the search committee, with the approval of the Academic Vice President/Provost and Dean.
    • The voting members on each search committee will include at least two members from an expressed gender identity (i.e. male, female, etc.) as well as a trained diversity advocate. The total number of voting search committee members should not exceed seven (7).
    • A Search Committee will be formed for each open position except when two or more positions in the same department are announced at the same time, in which case one search committee may consider all open positions in that department.
  4. The Department Chair and/or Dean will work with HR to finalize an advertising strategy. Upon approval of the posting, the job announcement is released.

Search Committee Training and Application Timeline

  1. The Search Committee Chair forwards a list of Search Committee members to the Dean for approval, who forwards the final approved list to HR. HR reviews committee composition for procedure compliance and schedules training for the search committee.
  2. Search Committee members complete training with HR, Academic Affairs, and establishes an appropriate search timeline.
  3. Applications are received electronically through the University’s employment webpage for a minimum of 30 days.

Screening and Selection

  1. On or after the application review date, the Search Committee Chair and Dean pre-screen applications based on minimum qualifications to remove any unqualified applicants.
  2. HR meets with the search committee to review hiring policies, forms, and to create a timeline for the search process. The Dean is invited to attend this meeting. After this meeting, HR sends the search committee the Applicant Screening Form for their use.
  3. The Search Committee screens qualified applicants using the Applicant Screening Form and marks recommendations for interviews. Completed forms are returned to HR who compiles and maintains the information as part of the search file.
  4. Based on the recommendations of the Search Committee and in consultation with the Dean, a group of candidates are selected for interviews. HR will work with the search committee to coordinate days/times of interviews, notify successful candidates of interview dates/times, and will send notice to all unsuccessful applicants.
    • Search committees may elect to complete virtual interviews (using technology such as SKYPE, Google Handouts, etc.) as an intermediate step before selecting finalists for on-campus interviews.
    • Virtual interviews will be scored by all search committee members using a Virtual Interview Evaluation form; completed forms will be returned to HR.
    • HR will compile and maintain Virtual Interview Evaluation forms as part of the search file.
  5. The two or three finalists should be invited to campus for interviews. When on-campus interviews are scheduled, HR will provide the search committee chair and the department administrative assistant with the following resources:
    • An interview itinerary template
    • Travel expense parameters (as approved by HR and DSU Purchasing Office)
      Local hotels used for overnight stays
    • Travel reimbursement procedures (as coordinated by HR and DSU Purchasing Office)
    • Candidates must submit receipts for reimbursements to the department administrative assistant (who will in turn submit paperwork to Business Services) unless travel is prepaid by DSU. Expense reimbursement documentation shall be approved by the Dean and processing done in accordance with DSU Travel Policy.
    • For each candidate who is selected for an on-campus interview, the Search Committee calls and/or emails professional references supplied by each candidate using the HR reference form.
  6. The Search Committee Chair works with search committee and department personnel to complete the interview itinerary, schedule hotels, identify activities and those attending the various itinerary events, etc. Once completed, the interview itinerary is given to HR.
  7. HR schedules interviews and communicates itinerary to finalists.
  8. HR works with Search Committee to complete an Interview Evaluation Form for use as a guide in interview finalists.
  9. As part of an on-campus interview, faculty candidate finalists will participate in the following itinerary events. All search committee members are required to attend portions of the interview that are scored; all required & optional meetings as outlined below must be consistent across all interviewees:
    • An interview with the committee (scored);
    • A teaching demonstration and/or public presentation (scored);
    • A meeting with the Dean (can be done through a working lunch, etc.);
    • A meeting with the Academic Vice President/Provost (can be done through a working lunch, etc.);
    • A DSU Campus Tour;
    • A Real Estate Tour and Tour of St. George if candidate is not from the area;
    • A benefits overview with HR;
    • Lunch with faculty members outside of the search committee.
      • Finalists may be invited to participate in the following at the discretion of the Search Committee Chair, who will include these items as part of the interview itinerary. Search committee members may attend these events with the understanding they are not scored and others outside the search committee must be in attendance:
        • Meet and Greet (may include a reception and/or a meal) with department members and students
        • Individual meeting with Department Chair
        • Individual appointments with department members if appropriate.
        • A meeting with a particular cultural group not represented by the department (to be arranged with the Multicultural Inclusion Center)
  10. The Search Committee compiles Interview Scoring Forms, records their recommendation as to which, if any, candidates are recommended for the position, along with their rationale in making their recommendation, and forwards the recommendation to the Department Chair (if not on the search committee) and the Dean.

Hiring the Candidate

  1. The Department Chair reviews the recommendations of the Search Committee, adding their recommendation and rationale. The recommendations of the Search Committee and Department Chair are then forwarded to the Dean who makes a specific hiring recommendation to the Academic Vice President/Provost.
    • With approval, the Dean (or Department Chair if designated by the Dean) works with HR (to confirm available budget, market data for discipline, reimbursement policies, etc.) to extend the job offer to the chosen candidate. Salary, rank, credit towards tenure (if applicable), visa assistance funding (if previously approved), and moving expenses are negotiated at this time in conjunction with the Academic Vice President/Provost.
    • For any candidates who would require a H1B Visa, the Search Committee Chair must submit a written justification to the Dean. If approved by the Dean, the Academic Vice President/Provost must approve before a candidate is hired.
  2. Once a candidate has verbally accepted the position, the Department Chair submits offer information to HR. HR creates a formal written offer of employment for the Academic Vice President/Provost’s signature. Offer will include the following contingencies:
    • Successful completion of background check
    • Verification of official transcripts, education, and licensures by HR
    • Applicable expense reimbursement (moving, visa, etc.)
  3. HR sends written offer of employment to candidate with background check authorization form. Once signed, completed, and returned, HR submits information for the background check as required by University and Regent policy and arranges for new hire documentation to be completed.
  4. The Dean (or Department Chair if assigned by the Dean) personally contacts all interviewees not selected for the position. HR sends notice to all other unsuccessful candidates, closes the search, and finalizes remaining paperwork for the search file.
  5. The Department is responsible for submitted any moving expenses reimbursement paperwork to Business Services once receipts are turned in.

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