Adjunct Instructors FAQ

Q: When do Adjunct Instructors get paid?
A: In fall semester Adjunct instructors get their first payment on September 30th and then get paid on the 15th and last day of each month until the 6th and final payment for the semester on December 15th. In spring semester the first payment is on February 15th with payments continuing on the 15th and last day of each month. The final payment for spring semester is on April 30th.

Q: How do I get hired as an adjunct and how do I know what adjunct positions are available?
A: Each department handles the hiring of adjuncts within their departments. The department chairs and the Deans for each school are the best sources of information about available adjunct positions.

Q: As an adjunct am I eligible for a Tuition Waiver?
A: During semesters in which you are working as an adjunct you are allowed a tuition waiver of three credits or less. The tuition waiver can only be used once per academic calendar year. The tuition waivers do not extend to spouses or dependents of employees in this category and are non-transferable.

Q: How do I get a University ID Card?
A: As soon as possible after being employed, new faculty should go to the Registration Office on the first floor of the Holland Building to get their picture taken for their DixieOne card. The DixieOne card will arrive in the mail; it looks like a debit card but will also serve as your ID card for a variety of university functions.