Adjunct Instructor Employment Forms

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Department Responsibilities

New Adjunct Responsibilities

Full Time Staff Member Request to Adjunct Form:

Benefit Forms

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Public Employees Health Plan

PEHP Flexible Spending Forms:

Family and Medical Leave Act Forms:

Hartford Life Insurance:

DSU Tuition Waiver Program

For benefited University employees, including those retired, and their spouses and eligible dependents.

Worker's Compensation Program

  • Workers Compensation Claim form Workers’ Compensation Insurance provides benefits for workers who are injured or suffer an occupational disease as a result of their employment.

The Standard - Long Term Disability:

Faculty Forms

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Part Time Employment Forms

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Hiring Department Responsibility

New Part Time Employee Responsibilities

Payroll Forms

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Staff Forms

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Additional information can be found on the Staff Evaluation page under Employee Resources.

Volunteer Forms

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