Forms Completion

The new employee is required to complete employment paperwork before starting work. A new employee should be given a “Part Time Assignment Form”.

The following chart outlines the area responsible for completing the new employee forms. The new employee will complete his/her portion of the I-9 (Immigration and Naturalization Employment Eligibility Verification Form) and W4 (Federal Withholding Tax Form). The authorized personnel will check that all information is complete and verify and certify the I-9 form. Section 2 of the I-9 must be completed correctly with all lines under List A or List B and List C filled in. The date of the first day of employment must be filled in under certification. Forms not completed properly will be returned and may result in a delay in the new employee receiving a paycheck.

The originals of the completed forms should be attached together and sent to Human Resources. Do not send the I-9 or W4 separately. If the I-9 and W4 is to be completed in the Human Resources department, the new employee should be sent to the HR office with the “Part Time Assignment Form” or contracted services form completed and signed by the hiring department. Verification will then be sent to your department that all forms have been completed. No employee is to start work until all employment forms are complete.

For student employees (not work study), the department supervisor and budget director will complete the “Part Time Assignment Form” and the student will return it to the Human Resources Office. The W4 and I-9 will be completed at this office and a copy of the student assignment form will be returned to the supervisor verifying that all employment paperwork has been completed.

Classification PAF/Contract Form I-9 and W4
Regular Hourly Dept. Supervisor or Human Resources Authorized Dept. Secy or Supervisor; Human Resources
Temporary Hourly Dept. Supervisor or Human Resources Authorized Dept. Secy or Supervisor; Human Resources
Contracted Services Dept. Supervisor Authorized Dept. Secy or Supervisor; Human Resources
Student Work Study Financial Aid or Human Resources Financial Aid; Human Resources
Student Temporary Hourly Job Placement Job Placement; Human Resources