Employee Training

1. New Employee Orientation
  • To train in position tasks, department/university policies and procedures, government regulations, benefits, university information, services and offerings.
  • Individual position/department training to be delivered to new employees at the beginning of employment. Group training by Human Resources Department occurs twice a year, at the beginning of fall and spring semesters.
  • Human Resources Training is one day long. Individual training is customized.
  • Individual position/department training is provided by supervisor.
2. Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (Particularly of a sexual, ethnic, or disabilities nature.)
  • Training defining harassment and discrimination, outlining complaint procedures and University/employee responsibility.
  • To be delivered to new employees, periodically reinforced for long-term employees.
  • Training is approximately one and a half hours long.
  • Delivered by the Human Resources Office and Disabled Students Coordinator.
3. Hazardous Materials/Blood Born Pathogens Training
  • Training in procedures in and protection while handling hazardous waste and materials, including blood born pathogens.
  • To be delivered to employees working in areas or with materials that are classified as hazardous or potentially involve blood born pathogens.
  • General training is approximately one hour. Specific area training is customized by department.
  • Delivered by the Hazardous Materials Specialist and department supervisors.
4. Drivers’ Training
  • Training to teach safe and defensive driving techniques.
  • Required of all who will drive a University vehicle or their own for work purposes.
  • A video and a test that take about one hour are available in the Library. The completed test and a copy of your driver's license goes to the Vehicle Maintenance Department.