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DSU Tuition Waiver Request Form - active version

The Dixie State University tuition waiver program is available as an employment benefit for University personnel, including those retired, and their spouses and eligible dependents. The tuition waiver applies only to Dixie State University credit classes. Registration and special fees, such as laboratory, field trip, individual instruction, and consumable materials fees are not included in the tuition waiver.

Employees will not be allowed to take classes during their regular work schedule unless the class is requested by the supervisor or an exception is granted. All requests must be approved by the immediate supervisor and/or the department head, if not the same person.

  • Part-Time Instructor and temporary faculty hired for less than .75 FTE are allowed a tuition waiver for three credits or less for the semesters in which they work. The tuition waiver is limited one per academic calendar year. The tuition waivers do not extend to spouses or dependents of employees in this category and are non-transferable.
  • Special note from the Financial Aid Office: tuition waiver requests will replace all DSU scholarship awards that may already be in place. As such, please know that this tuition waiver will make the employee, or any dependents, ineligible for any other institutional scholarships (i.e. Departmental, Talent, Ambassador, etc.).

Reference Policy 344 Tuition Waivers for Employees, Retirees, and Dependents for any additional information.

General Employee Information

Full-Time Faculty and Part Time Adjunct Employees

Facilities Department Employees


Staff Employees

  • Staff may take up to a 4 credit class during the regular work day if working towards a certificate or degree or if required by the supervisor as job training. Exceptions to policy must be justified and approved by supervisor.
  • Complete the following information for required classes. Upon submission, this form will forward your application to your supervisor for approval. HR will receive a copy of your request after receiving approval from your supervisor.

Legal Spouse and/or Legal Dependent Student(s)

*see DSU Policy 344 3.3 for additional details

Class Schedule

Class Level *
Has GE requirement previously been met *
Is class available outside of employes's normal work schedule *

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