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Vacation Leave

Vacation Leave

Vacation leave is accrued by non-faculty salaried employees and regular hourly employees.

Employees hired on an emergency, seasonal, per diem, or short-term/temporary appointment (to last nine months or less) do not accrue vacation leave.

Accrual Rate Approval Carry-Over of Accrued Vacation Leave

Full-time executives, professional and administrative staff accrue vacation leave at 22 days per year.

Full-time salaried, classified employees and long-term hourly employees working a 12-month/8-hour day accrue vacation leave according to the following schedule:

ServiceAccrual Rate
1 month to 3 years12 days (96 hours) per year
4 years to 6 years15 days (120 hours) per year
7 years to 9 years18 days (144 hours) per year
10 years to 12 years20 days (160 hours) per year
13 plus years22 days (176 hours) per year

In an effort to ensure effective operations of the department, employees will utilize accrued vacation leave with the approval of the appropriate supervisor.

Employees planning on using vacation leave must submit a completed leave approval form (HR-1) to the immediate supervisor.

A maximum of 280 hours (35 days) of accrued vacation leave may be carried forward from one year to the next year. Upon termination, an employee may be paid for up to 240 hours plus the current year’s accrued vacation leave.