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Sick Leave

Sick Leave

Sick leave is allowable in the case of individual personal illness, injury, or incapacity, or the illness, injury, or incapacity of the employee's spouse, son or daughter, or parent.

Sick leave is accumulated at the rate of eight hours per month for each month of employment to a maximum accrual of 1040 hours (130 days). Sick leave is accrued at the same rate for all exempt, non-exempt and administrative employees.

Employees must be hired on or before the 10th of the month to receive sick leave for the first half of the month and on or before the 25th of the month to receive sick leave for the second half of the month.

Regular part-time hourly employees DO NOT accrue and are NOT allowed sick leave prorated to time worked.

All sick leave must be reported to the Payroll Office on the department Recap Time Sheets.

Faculty does not accrue sick leave, but in case of sickness, sick leave is managed in consultation with department chair.

Long-term Illness Sick Leave Conversion Program

If the length of the illness/disability exceeds the employee's sick leave available, additional absences due to illness may be charged to earned vacation until vacation time is exhausted, at which time the employee may apply for leave without pay under the Family and Medical Leave Policy as outlined in the Dixie University Policy.

Eligible employees may elect to convert unused sick leave to vacation leave under the following guidelines and procedures:

  • At the time of conversion the employee must have accrued a minimum of 18 days (144 hours) of unused sick leave prior to the year of conversion.
  • Only sick leave earned during the current accrual year, in excess of eight days, may be converted.
  • Employees who have reached the maximum sick leave accrual of 130 days (the number of days needed to carry an employee until Long Term Disability is available) will still be eligible to participate during the fiscal year under the same provisions as other employees.

Converted sick leave will be managed under the Vacation Policy once conversion has taken place.

Emergency/Personal leave may be taken for essential and/or emergency matters for which the scheduling is beyond the control of the employee.

Emergency/Personal leave may be granted in the following cases if approved in advance by the employee's immediate supervisor: Scheduled legal or business matters. Any other serious personal, family or household emergency, if approved by the employee's immediate supervisor.

Emergency/Personal leave shall not exceed three days annually and will be charged to the employee's accrued sick leave.

Employees who qualify for the accruing and granting of sick leave and for earning and accruing vacation are eligible to participate in the sick leave conversion program.