Getting Information Out on Campus: 1) E-mail: There are several lists for sending out mass E-mail messages on campus. You can create your own list for your specific uses for E-mail aliases which are already set-up for campus use. 2) Campus Mass Mailings: The Human Resources Office has available for official University use distribution lists of employees and departments. Labels of employee home addresses are also available. 3) University employees are not to distribute mass mailings on campus for entities other than those sponsored by the University, except through the use of the regular paid postal system. 4) Central Information Desk: The Central Information Desk is located in the South Administration Building. The telephone operators provide the service of disseminating campus events and activities information to the faculty, staff and public. It is the responsibility of each department to notify the central information desk, preferably in writing, by e-mail or fax (656-4001), of activities and programs which they are sponsoring. When involved in community activities on campus, please also notify the operators. This is best done on a weekly basis or as otherwise arranged. To contact the central information desk, dial 0 from a campus phone or 652-7500 from a telephone off-campus. Representing Dixie State University to the Media: Employees may express their opinions to the media, such as letters to the editor. But, unless explicit approval is granted by the President or the board of trustees, employees will not identify themselves as spokespersons for the University. On matters of campus wide impact, media contacts should be coordinated by or through the public relations department. The Following Guidelines are Established for Dixie State University Policy 148 Publications: 1.1 All official college publications are to be coordinated and approved by the public relations office for design, accuracy and proper representation of the University. 1.1.1 Three working days should be allowed for the approval process. 1.3 Use of the college logo is limited to the exact design and specifications as set by the public relations director and approved by the University Council and the President. 1.3.2 No other logo should be used to represent Dixie State University, including individual department or program logos. 1.4 The public relations department determines which companies are approved for college printing through a bidding process. The names of approved printers are available from the purchasing or public relations offices. 1.4.1 All letterhead and business cards are to be printed only by approved printers.