Basic Medical Emergency Response

"What to do until the ambulance arrives" The following is a list of some emergency medical situations that either may occur most often or that are most life threatening. These are the most basic steps you can take in these emergency situations. Remember, we do have a certain legal obligation to act.
Initial Response:
If it appears to be an emergency situation, don't hesitate. MAKE THE CALL for help, this step alone may protect us from liability. Call: 911 (for an obvious emergency); 634-5000 (for a possible emergency); and/or 652-7515 (if you simply have a question about a situation).
Basic Treatment:
Do no harm!
Basic CPR sequence until help arrives. It is critical to the start breathing.
Make sure anyone who is unconscious has an OPEN AIRWAY (head-tilt, chin lift method). If not breathing, assist ventilation until help arrives.
Abdominal thrusts (Heimlich maneuver) /Back blows.
Serious Fall:
(Fainted, tripped, seizure, etc.) -- DO NOT MOVE! Do not allow victim to move or be moved. Head injuries and spine injuries are possible. Immobilize the victims head and neck until help arrives.
If possible, help patient to the floor. Remove all hard objects and obstacles from the immediate area of the patient. Allow the patient to have the seizure and observe the type of seizure for future reporting. MAINTAIN AN OPEN AIRWAY.
(Fainting, illness, injury, etc.) -- Help the victim to the floor and place them in a horizontal position. Elevate their feet and maintain normal body temperature. Keep them calm until help arrives.
Control any open bleeding by putting direct pressure on the wound.
Head Injury:
Time is of the essence. Call for help immediately. Keep the patient laying down, head slightly elevated.