Awards, Recognition, and Gifts

Policy 144 College Awards, Recognition, and Gifts In an effort to maintain the significance of its awards and integrity in its fiscal responsibilities, Dixie State University sets the following guidelines for awards, recognition, and expressions of appreciation made on the University’s behalf. 1.1 It is imperative that awards presented in the name of the College be properly representative of the College and made with Administrative approval. 2.1 All awards and presentations which are to be made on the College’s behalf must be approved by the Awards Committee and/or the President, with funding sources identified. 2.1.1 The Awards Committee is a standing committee. 2.1.2 Funding of awards must be done in strict compliance with government and college regulations. 2.2 Years of Service Awards: Given for every ten years of service, these awards are presented to staff and faculty annually at a meeting for all employees. 2.3 Retirement: The College honors retiring employees with appropriate presentations. Employees may present other retirement gifts and mementos, but they are to be purchased with private funds. 2.4 Emeritus Faculty Status: The Academic Credentials Review Committee reviews the status of retiring faculty members and makes recommendations to the President for bestowing of emeritus status. (See 637 Faculty Emeritus Status) 2.5 Special occasion gifts: Gifts presented on occasions such as Christmas, Birthdays and Secretary’s Day, will not be provided from College funds, but should be purchased with private funds. 2.6 Deaths: The College will pay tribute to deceased employees, past and present, to current employees’ spouses and children, and to current students, at their funerals, with a Block D floral arrangement. The Block D is reserved for official College use.